It seems like such a simple concept, but if you’ve ever bought anything, you know that what’s advertised rarely matches the product.

Blow them away

Unlike giant fast-food chains, you can’t get away with advertising a juicy cheeseburger and giving your client a smaller, floppy, real-life version.

So, what do you do? You don’t exaggerate your abilities and then when it is time to deliver, you blow them away. This is the only way to avoid disappointing clients. You don’t have to do lame advertising; just focus on the things you are 100% sure of delivering.

Realistic expectations

There’s also no point in over promising and stressing yourself out. Setting unachievable deadlines for yourself is the fastest way to kill your passion. Know your limits and emphasize your strengths. By doing this, you will avoid making empty promises.

Do what you have to do

Let’s say you own a print shop and a client orders forty T-shirts from you. The client is in a hurry and pressures you to get the printing done in a day. You know this is unrealistic, but you don’t want to lose the client to someone else who promises to do it faster. What do you do? You could say that ten of the T-shirts will be printed in a day and that the rest will be done the following day. You offer to call the clients as soon as the first batch is done. That night, you are able to finish the first half of the order. You phone the client and offer to deliver the shirts. On your way home, you drop them off and promise to do the same the next day. The client is pleased that you’ve finished more than you promised and super happy with the added service of the free delivery. That client is anything but disappointed and tells her friends about your business. You get new clients and the original happy client will return to you whenever she needs a printing job.

Know your limitations and don’t over promise on anything. Rather over deliver, if possible, than under deliver and disappoint your clients.