So, you’ve finished a job. The product is sold. You can now say it’s a job well done… or is it?

Invest in the clients you already have

How often do you pursue a client just to drop them cold when the deal is done? Let’s be honest. That’s business, right? If you are just starting out or if your business is still small, you have to invest in the clients you already have. The truth is, that while people don’t know you exist, you can rely on those who do to get your name out there. Word-of-mouth referrals are gold and are often the best form of marketing you will have in the early stages of your business.

Nurture the relationship without being annoying

You’ve already done a great job (under promising and over delivering), and now you have to nurture that good relationship with the client. Don’t spam your clients. Ever. You could give a client a call just to check if your product is still working (if you sold a product) or if they might need your services again. Keep it short and make the point of the call to check if there is anything you can do for the client. It just shows that you care, and you’ll make sure that the client doesn’t forget about you. If you’re more comfortable doing this via email and if you think that it is a better way of communicating with your client, send a quick email. It might just be the reminder that person needed to use your service or buy your product again.

You could send clients handwritten notes to thank them for their support and remind them that you are there if they need you again. A handwritten letter or note definitely stands out when you consider all the electronic post people receive nowadays.

Be the person someone wants to hear from

You will have to ask yourself what the best way is to stay in touch with your clients. Sometimes we have to remind people of our existence. Hopefully, your clients’ previous experience with you is so good that you’ll be a welcome reminder.