You’ve identified your target market, and now you have to, well, get into their heads. The world is full of problems and people are looking for solutions. That’s where you come in. You need to provide the answer to someone’s problem. If you can provide the solution, and it’s good enough, then people will want to buy from you.

Stand out from the crowd

Imagine living in a small town with three laundromats. They have the same machines, the same system and their price per kilo is exactly the same. Two out of the three laundromats are struggling, while the third one is flourishing. What is the third laundromat doing that it’s attracting more clients than the other two?

The owner of the thriving laundromat identified his target market’s biggest problem: time. He realized that bringing washing to his store takes time, and that it’s a schlep for most of his clients. He decides to hire a van and offer a free pickup and delivery service. The clients love it because he is saving them time, and he is providing them with an excellent service. Soon, word spreads and more clients choose the laundromat that provides the best solution to their problems. With business better than ever, the owner is able to buy his own van and hire a driver. Heck, he can even hire a manager and take some well-deserved time off.

Highlight the issue you solve when marketing

By simply putting some thought into it, you can identify your clients’ biggest problem and find a way to be the solution. If you are selling a product, think about the problems your product can solve for your target market and use that angle in your advertising. Television home shopping commercials are very good at this. They go to great lengths highlighting the difficulty of using an old mop or the annoyance of using traditional cooking appliances. Then, with great flourish, they introduce their product that offers a solution to the problem. These commercials may be tacky, but they work. (British teleshopping, for example, sells around £1bn worth of products a year.)

It doesn’t matter that your product or service may be the same as hundreds of others. You can make your selling pitch unique through absolutely focusing on all the problems you are solving for your client. If you have to go the extra mile, like the guy who hired a van and drove to his clients’ houses to offer them a solution to their problems, then do it!

Don’t be afraid to tweak your offer

If you need to make some adjustments to your product or service, then be willing to do that too. At the end of the day, you should be offering something that would change your clients’ lives for the better. Make your target market and its problems your priority, and do not rest until you have come up with a way to be the solution!